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About Us

At Kannaco we supply the finest quality ethnobotanicals available, We guarantee best quality and competitive pricing on Sceletium Tortousum, Sutherlandia, African Potato, Pelargonium Sidiodes, Artemesia Afra, Silene Capensis, Hoodia, Leonutus Leonurus, Garcinia Cambogia, Raw Plant Material, Capsules, Tinctures and many more, We offer contract manufacturing with various OEM/ODM options

For more information and for bulk pricing contact our sales department at sales@kanna.co


The Kannaco team specializes in innovative technologies for the nutraceutical and Phyto-extraction markets with expertise in the development and manufacturing of high quality extracts, novel compounds, and isolates, as well as nutritional supplement ingredients.


Kannaco are well- known for our high standard and excellent quality of products. The Team is well established in the nutraceutical fields with experience and vision in ethno-prospecting, plant extraction and processing unique to the industry. With close attention to the stringent certification processes and collaboration with industry specialist and governing bodies.

we are wholesale suppliers of quality African ethnobotanicals, offering the finest quality organically grown ethnobotanicals available. Our team has more than 45 years’ experience in farming, sourcing and producing botanicals indigenous to Southern Africa.

      All plant material is sourced directly from contracted or sanctioned growers that incorporate Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Harvesting Practices (GHP) to ensure a consistent product that is unrivalled in quality and more importantly is sustainable, and has a minimal impact on the environment for the foreseeable future.